Public Presentations

Library Community Meetings:

Monday, May 13th, 6:30 PM in the Washburn Room at the Frank J. Basloe Library.

The regular meeting of the library board of trustees will follow.


Past Public Presentations:

Herkimer Elementary School PTA on March 4th

Herkimer Garden Club on March 12th

Frank J. Basloe Library on April 24th & April 30th

Herkimer NOW on April 25th

Herkimer Rotary April 30th


We depend on the Frank J. Basloe Library for a lot—from getting our kids to love reading to public computers for those without access to community meeting space to entertainment and education for our families to being a place that transforms lives.

Now, Basloe needs to depend on us—the residents of the Herkimer School District--to make sure it gets the funding it needs. Stable funding means Basloe will be able to focus on the future of our children, our families and our community.

On Tuesday, May 21st, we can come together as a community and vote on Basloe's proposal to become a library district. Since 2007, Basloe's municipal funding has decreased over 30%--from $196,886 to $132,614.


When school district voters increased Basloe's funding from $45,000 to $90,000, the Village of Herkimer cut the library's funding by $45,000.



This consistent decrease in Basloe's funding has resulted in the lowest new materials budget in years, no teen/tween programming, no Saturday hours during the summer and the inability to collaborate with community partners like our schools.

Basloe's Board of Trustees is asking the voters of the Herkimer School District to create a library district that will stabilize the Library's funding and allow it to focus on our future as a community. The amount the library is requesting $270,930 in community-based funding—the equivalent of $5 a month for the average assessed home in the school district.




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Establishing the District means:

  • Restoring 10 open hours a week from 48 to 56
  • Restore the library's new materials budget for Books, eBooks, DVDs and AudioBooks
  • Increase periodical offerings
  • Restore teen/tween programming
  • Increase children's and adult programming
  • Hire a full-time professional librarian
  • Increase staff continuing ed opportunity in order to take on new responsibilities.




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Not establishing the District means:

  • Close one day a week for a total of 37 open hours
  • More cuts to the materials budget
  • Fewer Books and eBooks
  • Severe cuts to new DVD and AudioBooks
  • Curtail replacement of damaged materials
  • Cut purchase of large-type books
  • Reduce periodical subscriptions
  • No teen/tween programming
  • No expansion of children's and adult programming
  • Maintain inadequate staffing that negatively impacts quality of service
  • Limit staff continuing ed.